Underwater Cleaning


Localised staining of swimming pool tiles concentrated near the outlet valves.

Possible Causes:
Corrosion present in the recirculation piping, especially in the return line of the swimming pool support system. Stains in the corroded piping could be forced out when filtered water returns to the pool, thus staining the tiles near the outlet valves.

Underwater Work

Stubborn stains are removed by utilising pneumatic tools, together with fine grade tile cleaner.

We Supply

1) workers and divers necessary to complete the job

2) all scuba tanks and diving gears

3) all working tools and pneumatic equipment if necessary

4) fine grade tile cleaner required to remove all stains

Anwill Specialize in Underwater Work:

. Underwater Removal Of Calcium Deposits
. Underwater Removal Of Stains
. Underwater Tiles Replacement