Pool Pump Maintenance


Pump will require servicing for two main components:


Mechanical Seal

This item is situated between the pump wet end & the electric motor & form the seal around the the motor shaft to stop water coming back along the shaft.

The mechanical seal is a wearing part & will normally require replacing each 2-3 years or eariler if necessary. The seal will burn & leak if the pump is ever run dry. Always replace the seal as soon as it begins to leak.


Motor Bearings

These bearings are a wearing part & would normally be replaced each 4-6 years.

The bearings will start to grind or scream as they become dry or if water leaks through the mechanical seal & flushes the grease out of them.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]

Our Standard Maintenance Contract

  1. SERVICE FEE: Quote after site inspection

* No servicing on Sunday and public holidays.
* Costs of repairs or parts replacement not included
* Contract not meant for electrical motor coil and pump that are beyond repair



  1. Check continuous flow of pool water in the pump suction line to prevent air lock in the system.
  2. Check and clear the pump strainer debris and lubricate the “O” ring of the strainer cover
  3. Check and clear the pump impeller for choke-age
  4. Check and clear debris plugged around or between the Mechanical Seal and lubricate the Ball Bearing of the pump. Some are pre-lubricated and sealed bearing which will last for about 8,000 running hrs before replacement require

(These are wears & tears parts, to maintain it will prolong the life span)[/fusion_text]