Filter Maintenance


Filter service means more than back washing the filter, it means the servicing of components in the filter, such as backwash valve & fixtures.


Our Filter Maintenance Program include servicing or replacement of the following components:



The Backwash valve should be dismantled each year to check “O” rings & gaskets & in the case of top mounted valves, to remove grit & grime from under the handle which will eventually seize up the shaft.

The Gasket where the rotary type valves seal onto water diversion chambers should be checked for cracks or loose or torn sections which could let water bypass.


Pressure Gauge

The Pressure gauge is there to advise user when back washing of the filter is required.
Correct back washing can save a considerable amount of makeup water each year. [/fusion_text][fusion_text]

Filter Sand, Pads or Cartridge

Cleaning of filters, as all type of filtration system pose its our set of problem:

  • Filter sand should release all of its trapped debris during a backwash but is does not completely remove all impurities. After a period of a couple of years with a lot of perspiration & body fats & suntan oils in the water the sand becomes sticky & will not release debris easily.
  • The pads in a DE filter are there to hold the filter material (the DE Powder) & in theory should not get contaminated with debris, but they do. More than anything, they absorb calcium & other chemicals from the water which reduce their effectiveness. The spider supports for the pads in a DE filter need to be checked for cracks & must all fit tightly to the pad connecting tubes.
  • Cartridge filters tend to have the same problems as the other two, especially if they are not cleaned often enough.


Our Standard Maintenance Contract

  1. SERVICE FEE: Quote after site inspection

* No servicing on Sunday and public holidays.
* Costs of repairs or parts replacement not included
* Contract not meant for electrical motor coil and pump that are beyond repair



  1. Check and service Multi Port Valve for leaking, replacement or lubricate“O” ring.
  2. Check and service Filter Pressure Gauge for chokeage and accuracy.
  3. Dismantle filteration system for cleaning.