Residential Pool

To maximize the enjoyment of your pool & minimize down time, preventative maintenance services and upgrades such as filter sand changes or pump tune ups are necessary.
Filter & Pump In Tip-Top Condition = Crystal Clean Water & Reduced Chemical Expenses

Our Maintenance  Program

Filter service means more than back washing the filter, it means the servicing of components in the filter, such as backwash valve & fixtures. Our Filter Maintenance Program covers inspection and servicing of these important components, which helps maximizes the filteration system’s ability to filter out organic thus keeping the pool water sparkling clean. Please contact us for a quote.

An annual pump maintenance program is recommended to ensure the efficient delivery and circulation of your pool water. Our Pump Maintenance Program includes the supply and installation of a new mechanical seal and a new pump lid gasket, it also includes a complete inspection of the pump strainer basket and lid completed by a final inspection of the impeller, (replacement of baskets, lids and impellers if required are extra). Please contact us for a quote.

Please select services you require:

  1. One-Time Servicing
  2. Weekly Pool Maintenance Package
  3. Twice Weekly Pool Maintenance Package