Under Preventive Maintenance


Do you have low water pressure even though your pipes are new? Turn on one too many appliances that utilise water and your shower turns into a small sprinkling device?

If you are experiencing any of the issues above or any other problems related to water pressure in your house, AWMS Residential Water Booster Pump System may just be the answer to all your water pressure problems.

AWMS Residential Booster Pump Systems will increase the water pressure in your home and supply CONSTANT water pressure regardless of the number of showers, taps, appliances or water outlets you use at any one time. Our water pump systems will also be able to maintain HIGH water pressure in spite of fluctuations in the incoming water pressure.

AWMS Booster Pump Systems are the most reliable, efficient and trouble-free pumps in the Singapore market. If you need to boost your incoming water supply, our pump systems may be just what you’re looking for.


Unknown to most house owners, it takes more pressure than you can imagine to get the water all the way up to the top floor of your house. For every 70CM of vertical climb in your water line, you lose a pound of water pressure. Thus water that enters the house at the basement level loses 11 lb. to 12 lb. by the time it travels to a second-floor showerhead.

There are many reasons why your house water pressure is low:

  • Peak Hours usage in your house e.g. in the mornings and evenings when people shower, washing and cooking
  • Multiple open taps at home
  • Your home is at the end of the supply line or on the top floor of a high-rise
  • A leak in the main pipes